Commit c6eb61c9 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+9B47): Use U+9B3C instead of <CJK RADICAL GHOST>.

(U+9B49): Ditto.
parent 27e92fb1
......@@ -19782,9 +19782,9 @@ U+9B43 魃 ⿺鬼犮
U+9B44 魄 ⿰白鬼
U+9B45 魅 ⿺鬼未
U+9B46 魆 ⿺鬼戉
U+9B47 魇 ⿸厌
U+9B47 魇 ⿸厌
U+9B48 魈 ⿺鬼肖
U+9B49 魉 ⿺
U+9B49 魉 ⿺
U+9B4A 魊 ⿺鬼或
U+9B4B 魋 ⿺鬼隹
U+9B4C 魌 ⿺鬼其
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