Commit a82e0656 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-0002530A): Use "⿴辡x" instead of "⿲辛x辛".

parent 0b25ba1d
......@@ -4873,7 +4873,7 @@ U-00025306 𥌆 ⿰目壽
U-00025307 𥌇 ⿰目舞
U-00025308 𥌈 ⿰目監
U-00025309 𥌉 ⿰目𠎤
U-0002530A 𥌊 ⿲辛目辛
U-0002530A 𥌊 ⿴辡目
U-0002530B 𥌋 ⿰目夢
U-0002530C 𥌌 ⿰目㷠
U-0002530D 𥌍 ⿰目⿱六隻
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