Commit 966f11bc authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+6EAC): Use "羗" instead of "⿷羌厶".

(U+6F80): Use "歰" instead of "⿱⿰刃刃𣥖".
(U+7361): Use "舄" instead of "⿱臼𤆛".
(U+8BBA): Use "仑" instead of "⿱𠆢匕".
(U+9B1B): Use "龱" instead of "⿴囗㐅"; modify structure.
parent 7b487f88
......@@ -8363,7 +8363,7 @@ U+6EA8 溨 ⿰氵栽
U+6EA9 溩 ⿰氵烏
U+6EAA 溪 ⿰氵奚
U+6EAB 溫 ⿰氵𥁕
U+6EAC 溬 ⿰氵⿷羌厶
U+6EAC 溬 ⿰氵
U+6EAD 溭 ⿰氵畟
U+6EAE 溮 ⿰氵師
U+6EAF 溯 ⿰氵朔
......@@ -8575,7 +8575,7 @@ U+6F7C 潼 ⿰氵童
U+6F7D 潽 ⿰氵普
U+6F7E 潾 ⿰氵粦
U+6F7F 潿 ⿰氵圍
U+6F80 澀 ⿰氵⿱⿰刃刃𣥖
U+6F80 澀 ⿰氵
U+6F81 澁 ⿰氵歮
U+6F82 澂 ⿰氵𢽠
U+6F83 澃 ⿱須水
......@@ -9568,7 +9568,7 @@ U+735D 獝 ⿰犭矞
U+735E 獞 ⿰犭童
U+735F 獟 ⿰犭堯
U+7360 獠 ⿰犭尞
U+7361 獡 ⿰犭⿱臼&CDP-8DBF;
U+7361 獡 ⿰犭
U+7362 獢 ⿰犭喬
U+7363 獣 ⿰⿳畄一口犬
U+7364 獤 ⿰犭敦
......@@ -15801,7 +15801,7 @@ U+8BB6 讶 ⿰讠牙
U+8BB7 讷 ⿰讠内
U+8BB8 许 ⿰讠午
U+8BB9 讹 ⿰讠化
U+8BBA 论 ⿰讠⿱𠆢匕
U+8BBA 论 ⿰讠
U+8BBB 讻 ⿰讠凶
U+8BBC 讼 ⿰讠公
U+8BBD 讽 ⿰讠风
......@@ -19738,7 +19738,7 @@ U+9B17 鬗 ⿱髟㒼
U+9B18 鬘 ⿱髟曼
U+9B19 鬙 ⿱髟曾
U+9B1A 鬚 ⿱髟須
U+9B1B 鬛 ⿳髟⿴囗㐅&CDP-8D46;
U+9B1B 鬛 ⿱髟⿱龱&CDP-8D46;
U+9B1C 鬜 ⿱髟閒
U+9B1D 鬝 ⿱髟間
U+9B1E 鬞 ⿱髟農
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