Commit 8f14e4ef authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U+404A): Use "⿸䀑x" instead of "⿰目⿱叉x".

parent 3be03bd0
......@@ -3145,7 +3145,7 @@ U+4046 䁆 ⿰目奄
U+4047 䁇 ⿱宓目
U+4048 䁈 ⿱𢼄目
U+4049 䁉 ⿱&hanaJU+2BF09;目
U+404A 䁊 ⿰目⿱叉
U+404A 䁊 ⿸䀑
U+404B 䁋 ⿰目枼
U+404C 䁌 ⿰目胃
U+404D 䁍 ⿰目咸
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