Commit 5d1d821d authored by Ma Colt's avatar Ma Colt
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Fix:U+5668 器 ⿴㗊大 --> ⿴㗊犬 @apparent=⿱哭吅

parent 1ba06411
......@@ -2151,7 +2151,7 @@ U+5664 噤 ⿰口禁
U+5665 噥 ⿰口農
U+5666 噦 ⿰口歲
U+5667 噧 ⿰口萬
U+5668 器 ⿴㗊 @apparent=⿱哭吅
U+5668 器 ⿴㗊 @apparent=⿱哭吅
U+5669 噩 噩
U+566A 噪 ⿰口喿
U+566B 噫 ⿰口意
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