Commit 4270ff75 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-00029D0F): Use "𬀴" instead of "⿱龹日".

parent 0751bfde
......@@ -7438,7 +7438,7 @@ U-00029D0B 𩴋 ⿺鬼𢑚
U-00029D0C 𩴌 ⿺鬼监
U-00029D0D 𩴍 ⿺鬼叟
U-00029D0E 𩴎 ⿺鬼脊
U-00029D0F 𩴏 ⿰⿱&CDP-8BFA;日
U-00029D0F 𩴏 ⿰𬀴
U-00029D10 𩴐 ⿺鬼率
U-00029D11 𩴑 ⿺鬼參
U-00029D12 𩴒 ⿱強鬼
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