Commit 415a0ee2 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-00027153): Modify structure.

(U-00027159): Use "顡" instead of "⿰豙頁".
(U-0002715B): Use "䊮" instead of "⿰米翟".
parent 0baa3564
......@@ -4434,15 +4434,15 @@ U-0002714F 𧅏 ⿳艹黎廾
U-00027150 𧅐 ⿳艹⿰氵敦⺣
U-00027151 𧅑 ⿱艹霧
U-00027152 𧅒 ⿳艹⿲水口水金
U-00027153 𧅓 ⿳艹穴&JX2-7955;
U-00027153 𧅓 ⿱艹⿱穴躳
U-00027154 𧅔 ⿱艹⿰食盍
U-00027155 𧅕 ⿱⺾臘
U-00027156 𧅖 ⿱艹鶪
U-00027157 𧅗 ⿱艹黨
U-00027158 𧅘 ⿱艹羺
U-00027159 𧅙 ⿱艹⿰豙頁
U-00027159 𧅙 ⿱艹
U-0002715A 𧅚 ⿱艹矍
U-0002715B 𧅛 ⿱艹⿰米翟
U-0002715B 𧅛 ⿱艹
U-0002715C 𧅜 ⿱艹櫬
U-0002715D 𧅝 ⿱艹𣍘
U-0002715E 𧅞 ⿱菆菆
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