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Merge branch 'master' of into 3type-fix

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2021-06-08 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-Daikanwa-03.txt: Sync up with the current environment.
2021-06-07 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* IDS-UCS-Basic.txt (U+5602): Modify structure; preserve the
previous IDS as a apparent structure.
(U+5668): Likewise.
(U+569A): Likewise.
(U+56BB): Likewise.
(U+5BAE): Fixed.
(U+5DFA): Modify structure.
(U+5DFB): Fixed.
(U+5ECD): Fixed.
(U+67AA): Fixed.
(U+70C2): Fixed.
(U+75E9): Fixed.
(U+7AA7): Fixed.
(U+7ABD): Fixed.
(U+7CC1): Fixed.
(U+810B): Fixed.
(U+889E): Use "⿴衣x" instead of "⿻衤x".
(U+929C): Use "⿴行x" instead of "⿻行x".
(U+92A2): Use "𣱵" instead of "⿱二水".
(U+9ADE): Fixed.
(U+9ADF): Add IDS.
* IDS-UCS-Ext-B-3.txt (U-000244F4): Use "⿴𠬪x" instead of
(U-00024502): Ditto.
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -2049,7 +2049,7 @@ U+55FE 嗾 ⿰口族
U+55FF 嗿 ⿰口貪
U+5600 嘀 ⿰口啇
U+5601 嘁 ⿰口戚
U+5602 嘂 ⿲⿱口口丩⿱口口
U+5602 嘂 ⿵㗊丩 @apparent=⿲⿱口口丩⿱口口
U+5603 嘃 ⿰口庸
U+5604 嘄 ⿰口梟
U+5605 嘅 ⿰口既
......@@ -2151,7 +2151,7 @@ U+5664 噤 ⿰口禁
U+5665 噥 ⿰口農
U+5666 噦 ⿰口歲
U+5667 噧 ⿰口萬
U+5668 器 ⿱哭吅
U+5668 器 ⿴㗊大 @apparent=⿱哭吅
U+5669 噩 噩
U+566A 噪 ⿰口喿
U+566B 噫 ⿰口意
......@@ -2201,7 +2201,7 @@ U+5696 嚖 ⿰口慧
U+5697 嚗 ⿰口暴
U+5698 嚘 ⿰口憂
U+5699 嚙 ⿰口齒
U+569A 嚚 ⿳吅臣吅
U+569A 嚚 ⿴㗊臣 @apparent=⿳吅臣吅
U+569B 嚛 ⿰口樂
U+569C 嚜 ⿰口墨
U+569D 嚝 ⿰口廣
......@@ -2234,7 +2234,7 @@ U+56B7 嚷 ⿰口襄
U+56B8 嚸 ⿰口點
U+56B9 嚹 ⿰口罅
U+56BA 嚺 ⿰口⿺遂罒
U+56BB 嚻 ⿲⿱口口頁⿱口口
U+56BB 嚻 ⿵㗊頁 @apparent=⿲⿱口口頁⿱口口
U+56BC 嚼 ⿰口爵
U+56BD 嚽 ⿰口贅
U+56BE 嚾 ⿰口雚
......@@ -3501,7 +3501,7 @@ U+5BAA 宪 ⿱宀先
U+5BAB 宫 ⿱宀吕
U+5BAC 宬 ⿱宀成
U+5BAD 宭 ⿱宀君
U+5BAE 宮 宀呂
U+5BAE 宮 宀呂
U+5BAF 宯 ⿱宀孝
U+5BB0 宰 ⿱宀辛
U+5BB1 宱 ⿱宀作
......@@ -4089,8 +4089,8 @@ U+5DF6 巶 ⿰召巳
U+5DF7 巷 ⿱共巳
U+5DF8 巸 ⿰𦣝巳
U+5DF9 巹 ⿱丞己
U+5DFA 巺 ⿰巳巳一&GT-K00059;
U+5DFB 巻 龹己
U+5DFA 巺 ⿰巳巳⿱一八
U+5DFB 巻 龹己
U+5DFC 巼 ⿱巴叱
U+5DFD 巽 ⿱⿰巳巳共
U+5DFE 巾 巾
......@@ -4300,7 +4300,7 @@ U+5EC9 廉 ⿸广兼
U+5ECA 廊 ⿸广郎
U+5ECB 廋 ⿸广叟
U+5ECC 廌 ⿸&CDP-8D56;&CDP-8DBF;
U+5ECD 廍 广部
U+5ECD 廍 广部
U+5ECE 廎 ⿸广頃
U+5ECF 廏 ⿸广𣪘
U+5ED0 廐 ⿸广旣
......@@ -6569,7 +6569,7 @@ U+67A6 枦 ⿰木户
U+67A7 枧 ⿰木见
U+67A8 枨 ⿰木长
U+67A9 枩 ⿱木公
U+67AA 枪 木仓
U+67AA 枪 木仓
U+67AB 枫 ⿰木风
U+67AC 枬 ⿰木丹
U+67AD 枭 ⿱&CDP-8964;木
......@@ -10216,7 +10216,7 @@ U+75E5 痥 ⿸疒兑
U+75E6 痦 ⿸疒吾
U+75E7 痧 ⿸疒沙
U+75E8 痨 ⿸疒劳
U+75E9 痩 疒叟
U+75E9 痩 疒叟
U+75EA 痪 ⿸疒奂
U+75EB 痫 ⿸疒闲
U+75EC 痬 ⿸疒易
......@@ -11430,7 +11430,7 @@ U+7AA3 窣 ⿱穴卒
U+7AA4 窤 ⿱穴昆
U+7AA5 窥 ⿱穴规
U+7AA6 窦 ⿱穴卖
U+7AA7 窧 穴卓
U+7AA7 窧 穴卓
U+7AA8 窨 ⿱穴音
U+7AA9 窩 ⿱穴咼
U+7AAA 窪 ⿱穴洼
......@@ -11452,7 +11452,7 @@ U+7AB9 窹 ⿱穴&C6-415B;
U+7ABA 窺 ⿱穴規
U+7ABB 窻 ⿱穴悤
U+7ABC 窼 ⿱穴巢
U+7ABD 窽 穴欵
U+7ABD 窽 穴欵
U+7ABE 窾 ⿱穴款
U+7ABF 窿 ⿱穴隆
U+7AC0 竀 ⿱穴⿰正見
......@@ -13066,7 +13066,7 @@ U+8107 脇 ⿰⺼劦
U+8108 脈 ⿰⺼𠂢
U+8109 脉 ⿰⺼永
U+810A 脊 ⿱&CDP-88D2;&CDP-8958;
U+810B 脋 刕&CDP-8958;
U+810B 脋 刕&CDP-8958;
U+810C 脌 ⿰⺼年
U+810D 脍 ⿰⺼会
U+810E 脎 ⿰⺼杀
......@@ -17569,7 +17569,7 @@ U+929E 銞 ⿱旬金
U+929F 銟 ⿰金⿱山巾
U+92A0 銠 ⿰金老
U+92A1 銡 ⿰金吉
U+92A2 銢 ⿰金⿱二水
U+92A2 銢 ⿰金𣱵
U+92A3 銣 ⿰金如
U+92A4 銤 ⿰金米
U+92A5 銥 ⿰金衣
......@@ -19677,8 +19677,8 @@ U+9ADA 髚 ⿰高亢
U+9ADB 髛 ⿰高尻
U+9ADC 髜 ⿰高昇
U+9ADD 髝 ⿰高勞
U+9ADE 髞 高喿
U+9ADF 髟
U+9ADE 髞 高喿
U+9ADF 髟 ⿰镸彡
U+9AE0 髠 ⿱髟几
U+9AE1 髡 ⿱髟兀
U+9AE2 髢 ⿱髟也
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