Commit 0baa3564 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-00020FBA): Use U+5584 instead of CU+5584.

(U-00021167): Use U+96E3 instead of JU+96E3.
(U-00021168): Use "簷" instead of "⿱竹詹".
(U-00021183): Use U+5584 instead of CU+5584.
parent 624d0224
......@@ -4025,7 +4025,7 @@ U-00020FB6 𠾶 ⿰口景
U-00020FB7 𠾷 ⿰口報
U-00020FB8 𠾸 ⿰口超
U-00020FB9 𠾹 ⿰呑卒
U-00020FBA 𠾺 ⿰口&MJ008430;
U-00020FBA 𠾺 ⿰口
U-00020FBB 𠾻 ⿰口湛
U-00020FBC 𠾼 ⿰口絶
U-00020FBD 𠾽 ⿰口閏
......@@ -4454,8 +4454,8 @@ U-00021163 𡅣 ⿰口⿱竹肅
U-00021164 𡅤 ⿰喜&U-v002+5807;
U-00021165 𡅥 ⿰口顛
U-00021166 𡅦 ⿱⿰壴𪠲咎
U-00021167 𡅧 ⿰口&AJ1-03273;
U-00021168 𡅨 ⿰口⿱竹詹
U-00021167 𡅧 ⿰口
U-00021168 𡅨 ⿰口
U-00021169 𡅩 ⿰口艶
U-0002116A 𡅪 ⿰口願
U-0002116B 𡅫 ⿰口轎
......@@ -4482,7 +4482,7 @@ U-0002117F 𡅿 ⿰口𪉷
U-00021180 𡆀 ⿰口轟
U-00021181 𡆁 ⿰口饒
U-00021182 𡆂 ⿰口蠢
U-00021183 𡆃 ⿰&MJ008430;&MJ008430;
U-00021183 𡆃 ⿰善善
U-00021184 𡆄 ⿰口攝
U-00021185 𡆅 ⿰口⿱竹⿰⿱工&GT-K00439;&C4-2861;
U-00021186 𡆆 ⿰口⿰扌羅
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