Commit 0751bfde authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(U-00022FF9): Fixed.

parent bd59d945
......@@ -4088,7 +4088,7 @@ U-00022FF5 𢿵 ⿰棠攵
U-00022FF6 𢿶 ⿰䜭攵
U-00022FF7 𢿷 ⿰⿰&CDP-85DC;&CDP-85DC;攴
U-00022FF8 𢿸 ⿰策攴
U-00022FF9 𢿹 ⿲丿&GT-K00305;⿱山未攴
U-00022FF9 𢿹 ⿲⿱丿忄⿱山未攴
U-00022FFA 𢿺 ⿰⿱叕&CDP-8958;攴
U-00022FFB 𢿻 ⿰粦攵
U-00022FFC 𢿼 ⿰尋攵
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