Commit 15f0d39b authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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parent 55c9c198
2018-12-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* isd-turtle.el: Require `chiset-common' instead of
(est-coded-charset-priority-list): Abolished.
(isd-turtle-encode-char): Abolished.
(isd-turtle-format-component): Use `chise-turtle-encode-char'
instead of `isd-turtle-encode-char'.
* concord-turtle-dump.el: Require `chiset-common' instead of
(chise-turtle-feature-domains): Moved to chiset-common.el.
(charset-code-point-format-spec): Ditto.
(chise-turtle-uri-decode-feature-name): Ditto.
(chise-turtle-uri-encode-ccs-name): Ditto.
(chise-turtle-format-ccs-code-point): Ditto.
(chise-turtle-encode-char): Ditto.
* chiset-common.el: New file.
* TOMOYO-ELS (tomoyo-modules-to-compile): Add `chiset-common',
`isd-turtle' and `concord-turtle-dump'.
2018-12-15 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* concord-turtle-dump.el: New files [moved from CHISET].
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