Commit 7e115199 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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parent 6c822cbb
2022-02-22 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* v1/chise-json-api.el (chise-json-separate-features): Abolished.
(concord-object-spec-to-json-ld-spec): Abolished.
(concord-object-get-json-ld-spec): Abolished.
(chise-json-api-character-get-spec): Abolished.
(chise-json-char-get-normalized-spec): New optional argument
`spec-alist'; ignore `general-category', `bidi-category' and
(chise-json-char-get-info): Add code to format `general-category',
`bidi-category' and `mirrored'.
(chise-batch-character-api): Abolish "get-spec".
(chise-json-api-object-get-spec): Abolished.
(chise-batch-object-api): Abolish "get-spec".
2022-02-21 MORIOKA Tomohiko <>
* v1/chise-json-api.el (chise-json-char-get-normalized-spec):
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