Commit 5710904d authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(chise-json-normalized-feature<): Prefer nil domain.

(chise-json-char-get-info): Sort parents-spec.
parent a36d3935
...@@ -1318,7 +1318,11 @@ ...@@ -1318,7 +1318,11 @@
((string< (caar a) (caar b)) ((string< (caar a) (caar b))
) )
((eq (caar a) (caar b)) ((eq (caar a) (caar b))
(string< (cdar a) (cdar b))))) (if (cdar a)
(if (cdar b)
(string< (cdar a) (cdar b))
(defun chise-json-other-spec-get-radical-strokes (other-spec) (defun chise-json-other-spec-get-radical-strokes (other-spec)
(let (domain-rs-alist (let (domain-rs-alist
...@@ -2413,7 +2417,9 @@ ...@@ -2413,7 +2417,9 @@
(cons domain cell)) (cons domain cell))
radical-strokes-spec)) radical-strokes-spec))
dest))) dest)))
(dolist (cell parents-spec) (dolist (cell (sort parents-spec
(lambda (a b)
(chise-json-normalized-feature< b a))))
(setq dest (setq dest
(cons (cons (cond (cons (cons (cond
((equal (car cell) '(<-denotational)) ((equal (car cell) '(<-denotational))
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