Commit 52535317 authored by MORIOKA Tomohiko's avatar MORIOKA Tomohiko
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(chise-json-char-get-info): Modify format to indicate children:

- Use char-info format for `denotation' and `subsume' even if number
  of children >= 5.
- Use char-ref format for `unified-in-usage' and
  `unified-as-component' (or other domains to indicate children).
parent 58347c08
......@@ -2253,7 +2253,7 @@
ret i
ret i flag
domain code
......@@ -2287,12 +2287,16 @@
(dolist (cell (sort children-spec
(lambda (a b)
(chise-json-normalized-feature< b a))))
(setq flag nil)
(setq ret (cdr (assq 'body (cdr cell))))
(setq dest
(cons (cond
((equal (car cell) '(->denotational))
(setq flag t)
((equal (car cell) '(->subsumptive))
(setq flag t)
((equal (car cell) '(->denotational . usage))
......@@ -2302,7 +2306,7 @@
(caar cell))
(format "%s@%s" (caar cell)(cdar cell))))
(if (< (length (setq ret (cdr (assq 'body (cdr cell))))) 5)
(if flag
(mapvector (lambda (item)
(cdr (assq 'body item))
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